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Unique Bar Tools and Home Bar Sets

What sort of bartender can you be without a little bit of glitz and glam with your entertaining home bar sets? Find unique designs developed and brought to life from our dreams.

The Swell Shop

Barware for the shop, event, or home bartender! Want a matching pineapple bar set? Got it here. Buy items individually or in sets.

Mocktail Recipes

Virgin replicas, lemonades, handmade sodas, originals, and more.

Cocktail Recipes

Ladies and gentlemen, the classic and innovative drinks with liquid fire and passion. Here, you can find a variety of martinis, shots, pairings, and more.


ConsiderParadise is proud to offer ebooks on theme based collections of our recipes. Love coffee and liquor? There’s an ebook for that. Download it, save it, and/or print it. We want to be the reference of your choice! These ebooks also feature extra special drink recipes and bonus materials. Please leave us a tip on your favorite books and see new editions released! Sign up on our email list to receive a notification when new ebooks and products are posted! Scroll down!

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